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March Gigs!

March means that February is over- marking a huge reason to celebrate! We have some fun shows coming up this month, too. We will be playing in Housatonic, MA for the first time on March 29th, and on March 20th (a Thursday) we have an amazing showcase at the Metropolitan Room in NYC that I am politely demanding all of my NYC peeps come out to! I have listed all of our gigs for March below, so check it out and see which one you can make it out to. We’d love to see some familiar and not-so-familiar faces!

Wednesday, March 5th

The Lambs Club

Lindsey Webster & Keith Slattery

132 W44th Street

New York, NY


Friday, March 7th

Ruben’s Mexican Café

Lindsey Webster

with Keith Slattery, Mike DeMicco, & Dan Hickey

5 North Division Street

Peekskill, NY 10566


This is a small venue, so we advise a reservation!

Friday, March 14th


Lindsey Webster Band

with Vito Petroccitto, Keith Slattery, and Dan Hickey

857 Plains Road

Wallkill, NY


Saturday, March 15th

Keegan Ales

Lindsey Webster Band

20 Saint James Street

Kingston, NY


Thursday, March 20th

Metropolitan Room

Lindsey Webster & Keith Slattery

34 W22nd Street

New York, NY


//Reservation Required//

Mention my name when reserving your seat.


$20 ticket

Friday, March 21st

Palmer’s Crossing

Lindsey Webster Band

1957 Palmer’s Avenue

Larchmont, NY


Saturday, March 22nd

Hurricane Grill

Lindsey Webster Band

9 Raymond Ave.

Poughkeepsie, NY


Friday, March 28th

Wildfire Grill

Lindsey Webster

With Keith Slattery and Dan Hickey

74 Clinton Street

Montgomery, NY


Saturday, March 29th

The Brick House

Lindsey Webster Band

425 Park Street North

Housatonic, MA



The Roller Coaster is Headed Up

Since my last post (which was somewhat inspired by a little bit of time in the valleys I referenced there), the roller coaster is now on the upswing! We are booking some great gigs (like March 20th at the Metropolitan Room in NYC and March 29th at the Brickhouse Tavern, a nice little venue in Great Barrington, MA that we stumbled upon on the way home from a gig one night). We are also going to be playing the after party for the Bardavon Gala where John Legend will be headlining! These highlights along with some other fun and exciting things are all in the works.

We are also in a contest to play at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. Voting occurs by downloading the song we have up in the contest, “Free”, for free! If you are reading this I strongly urge you to help me out by voting. I need at least 1,000 votes to be eligible. So VOTE, share with your friends, and get some free music. It only takes a couple of seconds!

Love when there is “stuff” going on. Good stuff.

And don’t forget about this…

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Happy Newest of Years (and Blogs)

It’s that time of year again; the new time when we all decide what new things we want to accomplish with our new lives- and the reason I have created this new blog. Why? Because new is a great way to start.

I started a blog in September of 2013 with a great initiative. I posted twice for the first two weeks. Then a month’s time went by before the next post. Then another month. And now it’s the new year and I had not posted nearly as much as I had wanted to.

So you are witnessing part of my new year’s resolution. I don’t have a name for the resolution that this blog falls under, but I think it could be categorized under “Following Through”.

Really though, I am excited for each day of this year. It was December 31st, 2013 that my friend Gayle posted something on Facebook that really stuck with me. It was one of those generic pictures people put text on, usually something meaningful, like “Only You Can Be the Change”. You know, those lame things you tend to scroll by? But this one was awesome:

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”. I really love this. It may just stick with me because I love to write, but how great would it be to contribute something each day that at the end of this year will count and make me proud to be who I am, and make up my little book of life?

I was worried that by this time I would have uncontrollably failed at my resolution(s), but they are sticking so far. It’s a change of attitude for me, really. And I refuse to look at it like this time of year is the only time to start anew. Our perception of time is so limited, anyway.

So, out with the old and in with the new, my friends. I am looking forward to this year and what each day will bring.