The Roller Coaster is Headed Up

Since my last post (which was somewhat inspired by a little bit of time in the valleys I referenced there), the roller coaster is now on the upswing! We are booking some great gigs (like March 20th at the Metropolitan Room in NYC and March 29th at the Brickhouse Tavern, a nice little venue in Great Barrington, MA that we stumbled upon on the way home from a gig one night). We are also going to be playing the after party for the Bardavon Gala where John Legend will be headlining! These highlights along with some other fun and exciting things are all in the works.

We are also in a contest to play at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. Voting occurs by downloading the song we have up in the contest, “Free”, for free! If you are reading this I strongly urge you to help me out by voting. I need at least 1,000 votes to be eligible. So VOTE, share with your friends, and get some free music. It only takes a couple of seconds!

Love when there is “stuff” going on. Good stuff.

And don’t forget about this…

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