Onward and Upward

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”
Nido Qubein

Everyone has a story. Every story has its’ own unique beginning. I like to think of life as a story, with each day being a new blank page to write on. So what happens when your story gets a little boring?

I used to think it was my fault, the lulls that come in between the exciting and forward moving motion. I am still learning that that is not entirely true. The good old cliché that one must feel joy to feel pain is disgustingly true. I just wish that the lows weren’t QUITE as low.

One of my biggest faults is comparing myself to others and what seemingly cool things go on in their lives. It’s very easy to get down on yourself when you feel that you are not doing enough to perpetuate wonderful things in your own life. Sometimes it is out your control, though. Frequently, when good news comes, it comes a lot at a time. The emails flood in filled with magazine features for our music, booking opportunities, record label inquiries, etc. But when they stop coming, so does everything else. So back to the mundane.

So how can a person create in their own life a way to keep something going? Me? I build it in my brain; I imagine us playing great rooms. I try to come up with ways to network and meet new people. I try to engage my Facebook followers with posts that will prompt them to share my status or page so that others will follow. Part of my many resolutions for the new year are to not let myself get into a slump that I feel I cannot escape. You can always get out of the shit, no matter how deep it is,

Now for my next cliché: someone always has it worse than you. This brings me back to my lovely quote (well, Nido’s lovely quote, but you know what I mean). Where ever you are starting from, be it a broken home, no money, disease, or a different type of debilitation, know that you are only moving forward. The valleys between the mountains are beautiful, so embrace the shadows. Dark leads to light. Keep your vision and you will get to it.


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